Sadly I will not be getting a stress ball for Christmas thanks (most likely) to my piece of shit useless national postal service in South Africa. - Look at the date on the image.

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    Mine too is still in transit ordered last month, usually I don't order international because it's a fucking miracle if it arrives.
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    Jamaica, NY

    Wrong place for a stressball ;)
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    @jAsE 3 does not half of 12 make...
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    That sucks. If it hasn’t arrived by now and was sent out in August you might want to email us. Also, just for some clarity, Jamaica is just normally where the tracking ends in a lot of cases since that’s the international hub. Rarely if ever does anything get stuck there and almost every package that gets delivered does stop tracking in Jamaica.

    But yeah, since August is definitely a problem.

    @RTRMS your delivery looks to be progressing fine based on the tracking info. I think it will be there soon!
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    @dfox ya, international part is not the problem, our post goes to JHB first, usually internation posting takes about 1-2 weeks to arrive there, then it takes anywhere between 2 and infinite weeks to move the final 1600km to my post box.

    We have a postal service that is 10x more useless than trump is a moron.

    Many of us in SA have begun to treat our post boxes like lucky packets, you never know what you going to find in there, sometimes it's nto even for you :D
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