I need to take a break..
I've been wotking on my game non-stop for the past 8 days from 7-10am to 11pm-2am..

But there are alot of problems in my current repo, and i have ALOT of code to re-rwite..

(also i'm the only dev x.x)

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    What is your game about? :)
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    @stimulate It's a hacking simulator. I post about it often. You can also find it on my GitHub.
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    @Cyanite If this game is like Hacknet, I'm very interested.
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    @Florens It's based heavily on HackNet. But it's curentally in pre-alpha, and is really ugly. XD
    My goal is to make a hybrid of Uplink & HackNet, that uses alot of random generation and "Dynamic Expansion" (the game world randomly grows as you play) Not much to do in the game for now though. I have to do a re-write of most of the code before I add anything else, but that will only take about a week.

    The game is Free, and Open-Source. (Always~)
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    You got my ++ for your dedication to it, working these hours without a real deadline seems impossible to me
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    @matanl And I'm barely even getting paid. XD ($10/mo - Patreon)
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    @Cyanite so cool, I'll be keeping an eye on this.
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    @Florens Orr.... You could volunteer ideas or help with development. ^~^
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    @Cyanite I'll be sure to take a look at it when I'm back from vacation.
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    @CorruptComputer You are the second person to say that, but others have tested it and i test it and it works so idk.
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    @CorruptComputer I changed it to my profile. See if it works now.
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    Take an evening off and go somewhere. It really does a lot to freshen up your perspective after you've been buried in code for days on end.
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    @Cyanite great work. I second the recommendation: take a couple of days off.

    I have some other recommendations, hope that's not rude:
    * Learn how to use classes. The global variables in your code may and should be attributes. Try to do this in some smaller module
    * Use a decent IDE such as PyCharm, and listen to what it says. Use its formatting capabilities.
    * Move to Python3. It has many tools that can help you, such as convenient type hints which the IDE can use to guide and guard you. There is absolutely no reason to start new projects in Python 2. I can help with the transition if you want.

    Again, it looks like a cool game!
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    I took of the second half of yesterday, and played SkyrimSE MOTA. But I just launched my Patreon, so I dont want to take a break *now*. However I'll take off a three day weekend.

    1, I'm self tought and and work solo. I realize I use bad practices, but thats just what i know. Also note that if I'm using a class, I have code somewhere else that calls "for function in Class" that grabs all the names and uses that to run specific commands. Thats the only reason I use classes.
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    2, Ive used PyCharm, and SubLime, but didn't like them. I've also used VSCode. I just prefer Notepad++

    3, Alot of people have 'asked' (more like violently demanded) that i switch to Py3. I've never touched it before, but I understand that it's better in alot of ways. (However the print syntax is less forgiving) I actually say at the top of my README.md that I plan on switching.

    I would appriciate your help, however I need to do some major rewrites first. My game has alot of major issues I need to address before I will worry about personal preferences. Also, I started this project five weeks ago. ;3

    Thanks <3
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