I don't understand why we have so many apps on the smartphones. I mean, we don't use "apps" for the desktop. We just use the browser and visit the webpage. Why can' t we do the same on smartphones? They do have mobile versions...

(In fact I do, but many ppl use apps like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook instead of just visiting the webpage). For me it's just waste of memory space.

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    Because you use less bandwith thanks to the apps, you don't have to download the entire structure, only the useful data. And also for this reason they're much faster.
    So using only the browser is a waste of bandwidth.

    P.S. Ok, there is cache on browsers, but in this case you can say that is still a waste of memory.
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    ...and it's a HUGE money maker. Does anyone else remember when iOS apps WERE web apps? That didn't last long before they realized that they could wall that garden in ;)
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    Mobile apps are based on a wider set of interactions due to the touchscreen. It's hard to make a web app that works as well ok the mobile browser.

    PWA is trying to bring something new to the table here but I don't think we're gonna start replacing native mobile apps with PWAs anytime soon
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    Apps on the desktop are the normal programs you use everyday.
    On mobile you may browse the web and use web apps, but we all know native apps feel much more fluid and better than web crap.
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    Well, I have more apps on my PC than I have on my phone. I just call some of them "programs".

    Apart from that, your phone has way more bandwidth and power limitations, so shit not having to be downloaded each time is quite important. Which is why I love progressive web apps. :)
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    That was the intention at first with the iPhone but then people complained.

    I had a palm pre when that came out and every app on it was just an html page with some Java script. I really liked that phone. It's a shame they didn't take off.
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