Im back to anyone that may cared a little, so I was offline for 6 days since my ISP Ultra Hilarious to crash my state records of their paying customers and some other stuff that It took 5ever to get back, anything you guys want to share with me that may happen lately here on DevRant? I personally my classic Amazon bashing news and Perhaps giving away some Steam Keys that one Reviewer user of my site give us out to promote the site along side the devs.
For the Amazon News there is:
Amazon in talks to buy cybersecurity startup Sqrrl and also group of New Jersey Amazon Warehouse workers stood in the cold outside an Amazon Books store in Manhattan on Wednesday to remind shoppers that their online purchases are made possible by warehouse employees who often are underpaid and denied normal workplace benefits. More info at: https://legionfront.me/pages/news

No about Free Steam gamuz:
Gravity Island Key: AACA7-CYFVW-N775L

For more free keys drop by:

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    Welcome back!
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    I have no idea what your site is for. I get like two sentences to describe it and everything else is behind a login screen. I've seen you worry about low adoption before, having a useful about page that tells users what the place is and why they should join would be helpful. What's even special about it?
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    That key is used already :(
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    @Linux There are many more in the links I left, the user give us a free key per day, I dont know which are usables or not since I barealy have time to play some stuff and when I do I have enough in my backlog
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    That first link looks so sketch... Like someone is fishing for Facebook logins xD (I'm on mobile)
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    @Cyanite yeah, felt the same way. I'm interested in checking it out, but I have no idea what it is besides a generic overview on the main page.
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