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    Raise your hand if you feel Google earned more from you than your school did.
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    Wrong choice of school...
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    @Andi I know my school!!
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    @Aitkotw Good for you.

    What are you trying to tell me?
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    @Andi I mean I know how good my school was(lying), but Google is better when it comes to making money.
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    You learned from the internet through Google..
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    Through duckduckgo certainly!
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    @linuxxx I was about to mention you to enjoy the show 😂
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    raise comment(✋);
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    I don't know if this wants to tell me that you have learned more from Google developer documentation or however it is called or from sources you've found via google.
    If it is the second case you should not thank google for this, but the guys that actually provide the real information.
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    What I'm having to do at the moment, fun times
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    I don't use Google and my school is one of the best in the Silicon Valley so this meme is shit
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    "Raise your hand"
    What do you think, I'm a retard who'll raise my hand looking at my phone and wait for a ducking acknowledgement from my phone?!

    Why can't we just go back to the "like if you agree" post, that's less cancerous.
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