Today on how to make money fast:

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    step 1: profit

    what site is this?
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    I found this site a few days ago..

    It's an amazing idea.
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    You can always set up your own counter, if you’re cheap: http://flipclockjs.com
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    @daegontaven see above: it jumps to a certain number
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    @ewpratten if with "an amazing idea" you mean "the dumbest thing ever", than yeah, you're right.
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    I don't know what is worse, people paying for this or thinking it's a good idea.
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    Lets just open this Bullshit on a VPS :)
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    Creative and needy af
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    I don’t understand this. Can someone explain please?

    Why would I pay the money? What does it do?
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    @SSDD skip to 999999.
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    @bcye I got that. Why though? Why would I pay for that?
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    @SSDD cuz you’re dumb idk. I wouldn’t do that
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    i still cant believe this is a site and people actually pay money, these Devs must be a making some good money and laughing at the same time.
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    I have a better Idea to make it slightly more useful for the user and make infinitely more money for the dev...

    You’re all gonna hate me for this...

    Make this a loading screen where it has to hit like 100,000 before the user can access an app/service.

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