I think I will never order things from Amazon around christmas again! Just saw a post man with many Amazon packages, he dropped every box on the street, some were visible damaged. He picked them up again, took some steps and dropped them again 😱

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    Post man with Amazon delivery.
    That's weird.
    Generally, they have bikes or vans.

    And you always have return policy for such worst cases.
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    @github Amazon has their own delivery man, but here they also use DHL and it was an employee from DHL.
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    Amazon has stopped caring for quality now, they're just trying to uphold their "prime" business model to get one-day-deliveries so people actually continue using their service. They employ careless people for delivery because it's cheaper for them.
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    I just received a box very prominently marked "Fragile" on three sides. It was from Amazon and shipped via the USPS.

    It was crushed and about 25% smaller than it should have been, caved in on two sides, and had that soft feel cardboard gets when it has been sitting in water for long periods of time and left to (mostly) dry.
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    @Root I hope you get a refund!
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    @PuzzlesDev Surprisingly the contents weren't damaged!
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