Just deployed version 0.0.1 of my holiday project to production.

It's a pie "attached" to some speakers, mounted below the kitchen cubord. So far it only runs a spotify connect on it and you're able to play music there while cooking/cleaning.

I'd actually like it to also be able to just play regular music, either from a smartphone or a computer in the network. (It's connected by wifi to our lan). Any advice on what software I could install on it to achive that? i'd prefere to enable it for devices on the lan and have bluetouth dissabled, but I'm actually not sure if that is even possible. So yeah any advice to that? Or any other things you'd install on it?

I know, that I need to do some "cable management" back there :P

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    As you said, Spotify connect is good when it actually works. As for other software, I don't really know of any good ones. I guess you could make your own.
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    You could try runeaudio, volumio 2 or moode
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    @Alice our old setup was just hooking up some speakers to the phone directly... So...
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    I'm just curious, how did you manage do get spotify connect up and running? A little while ago i tried the same with a pie attached to my loudspeakers but i couldn't find a software for that. I recall that i read somehwere that there are some dudes working on reverse engineering the protocoll from spotify, did they succeed at last?
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    Bookmark, since I had @mrflo97 s problem as well
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    @mrflo97 and @holl for me it was actually pretty simple. As OS I just used https://raspberrypi.org/downloads/... and for the software https://github.com/dtcooper/....

    First I hooked up the pi to the wifi and then assigned it a static ip (so I won't have to scann the lan to ssh into it :P)
    Then I installed raspotify, the "Hard installation" way (no idea why it's called that...), meaning adding the deb source to apt-get and installing it from there.

    I then also adjusted the config a little, setting a higher streamkng quality, assigning it a name and that stuff. I however didn't supply any username/password.

    Hope this helps.
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    @dfox how about "show us your holiday project" as next weekly rant topic? Or maybe in two weeks so every one has time to fiddle a little around?
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    @Wack thanks a lot, will definitely try the in the next couple of days!
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    @Wack works like a charm, thank you very much! :D
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    @Wack thanks mate it sounds really promising. I'm gonna try it!
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