Hey everyone,

First off, a Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates, happy holidays to everyone, and happy almost-new-year!

Tim and I are very happy with the year devRant has had, and thinking back, there are a lot of 2017 highlights to recap. Here are just a few of the ones that come to mind (this list is not exhaustive and I'm definitley forgetting stuff!):

- We introduced the devRant supporter program (devRant++)! (https://devrant.com/rants/638594/...). Thank you so much to everyone who has embraced devRant++! This program has helped us significantly and it's made it possible for us to mantain our current infrustructure and not have to cut down on servers/sacrifice app performance and stability.
- We added avatar pets (https://devrant.com/rants/455860/...)
- We finally got the domain devrant.com thanks to @wiardvanrij (https://devrant.com/rants/938509/...)
- The first international devRant meetup (Dutch) with organized by @linuxxx and was a huge success (https://devrant.com/rants/937319/... + https://devrant.com/rants/935713/...)
- We reached 50,000 downloads on Android (https://devrant.com/rants/728421/...)
- We introduced notif tabs (https://devrant.com/rants/1037456/...), which make it easy to filter your in-app notifications by type
- @AlexDeLarge became the first devRant user to hit 50,000++ (https://devrant.com/rants/885432/...), and @linuxxx became the first to hit 75,000++
- We made an April Fools joke that got a lot of people mad at us and hopefully got some laughs too (https://devrant.com/rants/506740/...)
- We launched devDucks!! (https://devducks.com)
- We got rid of the drawer menu in our mobile apps and switched to a tab layout
- We added the ability to subscribe to any user's rants (https://devrant.com/rants/538170/...)
- Introduced the post type selector (https://devrant.com/rants/850978/...) (which will be used for filtering - more details below)
- Started a bug/feature tracker GitHub repo (https://github.com/devRant/devRant)
- We did our first ever live stream (https://youtube.com/watch/...)
- Added an awesome all-black theme (devRant++) (https://devrant.com/rants/850978/...)
- We created an "active discussions" screen within the app so you can easily find rants with booming discussions!
- Thanks to the suggestion of many community members, we added "scroll to bottom" functionality to rants with long comment threads to make those rants more usable
- We improved our app stability and set our personal record for uptime, and we also cut request times in half with some database cluster upgrades
- Awesome new community projects: https://devrant.com/projects (more will be added to the list soon, sorry for the delay!)
- A new landing page for web (https://devrant.com), that was the first phase of our web overhaul coming soon (see below)

Even after all of this stuff, Tim and I both know there is a ton of work to do going forward and we want to continue to make devRant as good as it can be. We rely on your feedback to make that happen and we encourage everyone to keep submitting and discussing ideas in the bug/feature tracker (https://github.com/devRant/devRant).

We only have a little bit of the roadmap right now, but here's some things 2018 will bring:

- A brand new devRant web app: we've heard the feedback loud and clear. This is our top priority right now, and we're happy to say the completely redesigned/overhauled devRant web experience is almost done and will be released in early 2018. We think everyone will really like it.

- Functionality to filter rants by type: this feature was always planned since we introduced notif types, and it will soon be implemented. The notif type filter will allow you to select the types of rants you want to see for any of the sorting methods.

- App stability and usability: we want to dedicate a little time to making sure we don't forget to fix some long-standing bugs with our iOS/Android apps. This includes UI issues, push notification problems on Android, any many other small but annoying problems. We know the stability and usability of devRant is very important to the community, so it's important for us to give it the attention it deserves.

- Improved profiles/avatars: we can't reveal a ton here yet, but we've got some pretty cool ideas that we think everyone will enjoy.

- Private messaging: we think a PM system can add a lot to the app and make it much more intuitive to reach out to people privately. However, Tim and I believe in only launching carefully developed features, so rest assured that a lot of thought will be going into the system to maximize privacy, provide settings that make it easy to turn off, and provide security features that make it very difficult for abuse to take place. We're also open to any ideas here, so just let us know what you might be thinking.

There will be many more additions, but those are just a few we have in mind right now.

We've had a great year, and we really can't thank every member of the devRant community enough. We've always gotten amazingly positive feedback from the community, and we really do appreciate it. One of the most awesome things is when some compliments the kindness of the devRant community itself, which we hear a lot. It really is such a welcoming community and we love seeing devs of all kind and geographic locations welcomed with open arms.

2018 will be an important year for devRant as we continue to grow and we will need to continue the momentum. We think the ideas we have right now and the ones that will come from community feedback going forward will allow us to make this a big year and continue to improve the devRant community.

Thanks everyone, and thanks for your amazing contributions to the devRant community!

Looking forward to 2018,
- David and Tim

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    To you guys a great Christmas as well and congratulations what you accomplished :)
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    Thanks for this year, David and Tim. I’m looking forward to next year!
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    (Merry Christmas && Happy Holidays) = true
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    Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year
  • 48
    I feel honoured seeing that me becoming the first to hit 75K didn't go unnoticed! 😊

    @dfox and @trogus, thanks for creating this awesome place and let's rock 2018!
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    @linuxxx and the 100k isn't far away either ;)
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    @plusgut Two months max! :D
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    Merry Christmas to the team and everyone in this awesome community! Long life devRant
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    Congrats on everything you two accomplished. Merry Christmas to both of you and too all the community
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    Congratulation on the accomplishments! Merry Christmas to everyone!
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    Merry Christmas from me as well!
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    Thank you David and Tim for giving us the gift of devRant! It keeps getting better and better. Am amazing community. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
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    That's a huge list. Good things come up in holidays man. Cheers!
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    thanks again @dfox and @trogus

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    I hope you both get some holiday too and take a little rest from working so hard on the web app.

    Cheers to the entire community too.
    Have a great year ahead.
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    Thanks everyone!! We appreciate the kind words and hoping everyone is having a fun holiday break :)

    @g-m-f we’ve had another one recorded for a really long time but haven’t gotten around to finishing it yet. Hopefully soon but we’ve been really busy so not sure yet.
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    Cheers, hope you'll have a well deserved happy holidays and a new year @dfox & @trogus :)
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    I can't wait for built in chat! Also..

    Happy whatever guys!
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    Merry Christmas Devranters ❤️
    Am I the only one who dreams of code while on vacation?
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    Thanks for creating this and happy Christmas as well to you! 😄

    DevRant is an awesome place and has had quite an impact on my life as well

    *cough* *cough* @linuxxx *cough* *cough*
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    Merry Christmas to yall too.

    As for the pm abuse thing how about a way to make them public like a rant? It would make sure nobody will be harassing anybody cause they could be publicly shamed. Just an idea, I'm not really sure about it myself
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    Ho ho ho! 2018 is gonna be great!! ++
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    @404response What are the coughs for? 😅
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    Next Feature: Tag People in rants directly! Its missing for such a long time and even you used it in this post!
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    @JFK422 I agree
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    Merry Christmas to you two as well :)
    What a list you got there! The only thing I really don't like is the idea to implement a PM system :\
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    Merry Christmas all!

    Can we get a "Best/Top Rant of the year" or "devRanter of the Year" or something like "Best collab ideas of the year" award system going on ?

    Would like to hear some thoughts on this :D
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    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ thank you both for a wonderful community @dfox and @trogus
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    been almost a year in joining devRant and couldn't be happier thank you @dfox and @trogus and the amazing ranters here :)
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    Btw why in the first photo on devrant page on google play store two rants have ++ icon and one has +1 icon?
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    I'd love a private messaging system!
    Happy holidays!
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    Merry Christmas!!
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    @Binary older version showing you've already ++'d? Idk, wasn't here then, but it makes sense...?
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    DM System :)
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    Thank you so much David and Tim, and merry Christmas to all community :)
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    I didn't even know about the livestream yet until I checked the entire list. Damn.
    You guys ROCK!
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    Good stuff! Happy holidays.
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    Thanks for all the work on this. Thus app has been helping me get through the day.
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    As someone who loves to mess with the API, would private messaging bots break any rules? Not spam bots, but client-side scripts which monitor the conversation and, for example, look for commands and automatically send messages and do other actions (perhaps such as ranting) automatically? Perhaps this is a question for the GitHub page?
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    @scifibrarian Welcome to this awesome place!
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  • 3
    @AlgoRythm not positive yet, but there likely will be a lot of throttling/anti-spam featured placed on the PM system so we’ll have to see.
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    @AlgoRythm @dfox

    I think this is a good thing to allow. It would be cool to have integrated chat bots.
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    @scifibrarian Oh and although I'm not a vegan, I think being a vegetarian is close enough :P
  • 3
    @dfox Ok, thanks d!
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    @AlgoRythm have we just found a nickname for @dfox ??
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