For the past 5 hours I’ve been backing up my pc, reinstalling windows(full wipe of every drive) and, reinstalling programs to my fucking pc. I can now say I’ve been to hell and back, because fuck everything, now I need to rebuild it because 2 years ago “oh cable management is optional I don’t need to do that.” So fml. And especially fuck apple and windows. Fucking windows with having to reinstall once a year and Apple with overpriced bullshit lightning to 3.5 adapters, $10 for one because they removed 3.5 jacks. @linuxxx I understand why Linux is a good alternative although it sucks for gaming due to no support( I know about wine but I don’t want to use it due to it having problems half the time)

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    Welcome to Apple taxes
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    And Linux does have gaming support. Just not the biggest library of triple A games
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    I play mostly triple A sooo yeah
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    I haven’t reinstalled windows on my pc and I don’t have problems. The biggest problems I find with windows is people who want free stuff and their pc ends up bogged down in adware, driver finders etc. Because I make my living with my PC I just buy my software and don’t have unnecessary crap on it.
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    @philcr that's true. Windows just gets slower and slower. Even after deleting all the bloat, still never works as fast as I'd like. Glad I made the switch to linux!
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