Coding with dark theme in public transport cuz I love to live dangerous 😈

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    Out of the loop: what's wrong with this?
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    @torvim read multiple times here and made the experience myself that I'm "hacking" something...
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    @StazC Yep, that's what I thought.
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    If you are born into the fast food age you get scared by those who touch the raw food, kind of...
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    Your sacrifice will not be forgotten, solider. I did that at the DMV when I was taking my permit test and let's just say it didn't end well.
    I wanted to scare them since they didn't let me take the test because they kept asking for random paperwork that they never asked for in the beginning.
    But at least it worked!
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    Totally worth the expenditure :-)
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    Wouldn't a light theme be the dangerous one tho ? Using a light theme in public might get you stabbed
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