Hey all, I'm curious for your opinion on this one. I've got some smart home devices (e.g. Hue lights, Nest Protect) and lately I started to think of the best way to protect them. Now I did see this project on Kickstarter (https://kickstarter.com/projects/...) and it seems to be a nice and easy way. But still, you don't know what they'll do with your data.

Would MAC address filtering in my router / modem not suffice for protection?
Let me know what you think :)

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    Do they need constant internet access or is a LAN sufficient?
    If LAN is good, just get a cheap router and set up a secondary LAN in your room which is not connected to the Internet. Connect all Smart Home Devices to it.
    If these things need Internet access, I just don't understand what the devs were thinking.

    Cheap Router recommendation:
    Nexx WT3020 (10€ from China, look at Aliexpress)
    flash LEDE on it (Simple to use OpenWRT-Fork, easy instruction on LEDE website available)
    Put a stick in it to install more applications.
    I think there are also OpenWRT modules available for some of these smart home devices.
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    @Anaeijon sounds like a nice idea :) Though the devices do need internet connection, due to the fact that you can control them and get notifications even if you're not connected to your home WiFi
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    @CluelessBanana But do _you_ need to control them if you are not connected to your home WiFi?
    I mean... In general you won't switch on and off your home lights from somewhere else.
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    Bought internet of shit devices from kickstarter which turned out insecure? Buy this internet of shit device from kickstarter to fix that!

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    @Anaeijon well, that actually is the idea. That you can also turn off the lights for instance when you're away from home
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