(This happened a few days ago:)
First day on the job, last session of debriefing, HR comes to explain us some company policies.
Among them, they want us to fill in our working hours using a smartphone app (Android & iOS only).
I raise my hand and I ask them what can I do, since I have a Windows Phone.
HR lady's face is striken with sheer terror. Since then, I'm known as the "Windows Phone Guy"... 😁
I'm more than proud of myself. 🙂

P.S. We also got some cool Windows tablet to use during our training period...

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    I love win 10 tablets! @WPhoneGuy
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    -from an Apple user (only for phone and table tho)
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    @RedBorg iOS isn't Linux though...
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    @qaldim Windows phone is the best!
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    @rjedlin I know, that’s exactly my hypocrisy of saying Linux is the best while I’m using (and currently writing on) an apple product. The truth is, I love Siri (don’t ask me why) and I really love the hardware. My dream is to have android on iPhone/iPad while still having touch ID/Face ID stuff and siri and all that cool Apple magic.
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