Why do devs hate windows (and all its products) so much? I mean yaa okay it is a shit os for you to get your development thingies done. Yaa I know its not open source. Yaa I know its not free. Yaa I know a lot of malwares are targetted towards windows. Yaa I know it takes decades to install updates which are released almost every week. And so on....

But wasnt windows the first operating system you laid your hands on? I mean me being a 90s born kid from India, Windows 98 was my first operating system and I was really in love with it as a teenager. MS paint was my playground and I used to go berserk over there. I mean come on. Being a teenager and knowing nothing about how a computer actually works, would you have been able to figure out how to run an NFS on linux? All the kickass presentations made in power point were so in during that time. The first code I ever wrote was in turbo C running on Windows XP. So whoever is bashing Windows and any of their products is a shit person because though Windows is not meant for developers (that too only some) it is a great operating system and I will always root for it in any forum/post where it is being bashed or criticized about. Not a Windows fan-boy (I dont known if there is even such a thing) but Windows is best for non-devs.

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    Because it's closed source. Simple as that.
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    @linuxxx yaa but no newbie teen is going to go for an open source if it takes him ages to just get his usual games to run (hell he wouldnt even know what it means)..

    Talking about me, if linux would have bee my first os, my teenager years would surely be boring as hell..
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    @bitsnpieces That's also not my point. I just think that it's dangerous to have a big part of the world running on closed source software.
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    "But wasnt windows the first operating system you laid your hands on?"

    Yes, but that doesn't mean it's good.

    The only reason Linux is harder to use for the average consumer is its low market share. If it was used as frequently as Windows it would also have far more games and would be more user-friendly due to higher interest from developers.

    All your arguments for Windows have absolutely nothing to do with its quality.
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    @deadlyRants developers are already crazy about linux (as seen from the comments above) but what all games have been developed for linux? What is the competition for MS office in linux environment (dont say libre). Windows provides a good out-of-the-box solution for a kid who is using a computer for the first time.

    I agree linux has the potential to be a good first os but the way in which windows has captured the market is nothing less than phenominal.
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    @bitsnpieces Yes I'm going to say libreoffice because I've been at three companies (also a bigger one) which all used libre internally and it fucking works great.
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    @bitsnpieces Oh MS has billions for marketing, Linux doesn't. So it's quite hard to market for Linux distro's.
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    @linuxxx as per my experience, applying filter on a spreadsheet with around 500k rows took a hell lot of time in libre than on ms excel.. but on the other hand I havent used both extensively but this has been my overall experience
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    @linuxxx because linux is free. I wouldnt mind paying for a decent operating system if what I want is supported by the platform. As a first time user, you want me to install linux but you are saying I cannot play my favourite games on it? Come on man.. that is what an average teenager buys his/her first computer for.
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    @JonnyCodewalker obviously I dont like Windows (as stated above that I am not a fan boy) since my primary device is an ubuntu.. but my whole argument is for a newbie who would be using his first computer today.
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    @JonnyCodewalker solus could be a good option and there could be thousands of other options in the market. The central point of my rant was dont bash windows just because we are devs and for the sake of it.
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    @JonnyCodewalker if any developer is using anything other than linux I would be the first one judging him/her. Also I would myself host a rally for linux only if the more popular softwares (mostly games) are supported without much hassle..

    I am 23 years old. Who knows by the time I have a kid, I might introduce him/her to linux where just with a click of a button he/she will be able to launch a game. Cheers.. ✌️
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    For a beginner / common user Windows is about the only OS out of the box that just works.

    Granted windows 10 is an intrusive ass sucking spy machine, for the common user it’s simple to use and ready to go and maintains its self. (For he most part)

    As for Linux being better, yes it has its pros, but out of the box on initial boot up, it’s a pretty sub par environment that needs the user to configure and get ready to go for their needs. This goes past the common users requirements, they want to turn the thing on and use it, this is sadly where windows got it right.

    If Linux had the market share, and came pre-installed on every device for the past 10+ years then the common user would probably have a higher IQ being forced to configure their environment for their needs rather hen just use it.

    All of this applies to Android vs IOS aswell.

    Customisation VS it just works without having to think about it.
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    I love windows. I think the illusion comes because only people that dislike it spam about it much like how vegans like to tell others that they are vegan.
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    You seem to be coming back to gaming a lot but you asked why DEVS hate windows....

    I only use it for gaming anymore. And to do that I've had to:

    1. Disable updates (regedit, gpedit)
    2. Disable all the shit telemetry
    3. Get all the drivers to work for nvme, wifi, graphics on my 2 fucking thousand euro Alienware.

    1-click to play a game? Nope :)

    As for dev aspects I won't mention closed source that's been said already.
    I will mention however there are more system lockups (lags under a sudden heavy load) than *nix OS and I can't have the setup I want (Mac is much more fluid and easy in that area - Linux too but less because of you issues most the time).

    Oh and... Bash :D I haven't tried their new attempt at it but I don't even want to :P
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    @C0D4 all the ++ :)
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    ... as for why it’s hated by devs,
    Well that’s pretty easy.

    It’s hard to customise for a dev environment unless you use .net based languages.

    Cmd prompt is a half baked excuse for a terminal client unless you understand how PATH variables work but then it’s still half baked.

    Windows is not built for devs in mind however it was built to make life simple for the common user.

    It’s closed source, and a pain for the privacy folks to know they aren’t being watched, however the same folk walk out side and get picked up on security cameras anyway so sill trackable in other means. (No wars here please)
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    I also grew up with win. But as time fly by, I started to experiment a lot with Multiboot setups and I have to say, that windows is acting like something special and better. But its just an OS like Linux too...!. The best thing was the latest Anniversary Update. Without any comment, it replaced my Dual Boot Manager with the Windows Manager. Like, its the only one allowed to live on this hard drive...
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    Since you said you are from India, The first programming language I learned was python and that too before 10th std. We have ubuntu and a lot of educational softwares installed on lab provided by the government and yes we learned animation, web development, map management, graphic designing and alot more stuff before even entering pre university and all these stuffs from School. Sounds great right? It could have been an impossible task with windows and that's Kerala and its IT@School initiative for ya ✌️🔥
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    @LicensedCrime free != better
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    @htlr you might know there are still many schools in India who feel computer as a subject after 8th grade is just "wasting student's time" as they have to take away time from their main subjects PCM.. the only programming they do before coming to the university is html without css.. that is the real state of education in India

    I though on the other hand started programming in c++ on windows and os didnt matter to me then.. just the fact that i wrote something and it happened was enough for me.. still these are my experiences and everyone would have their own..
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