The beginning of my freelancing time. I was so naive. Didn't even used contracts...

This one client wanted a website with 2 specific features until a certain time. It should look nice, but only the features functionality was defined. All seemed reasonable at first.

I delivered 2 weeks before the deadline. The client was furious, as it didn't look like they imagined. They wrote me 8 lengthy emails with very fractioned feedback. It was becoming unreasonable.

But hey, I'm a newbie in this business. I have to make myself a name, I thought.
Oh was I naive....

This whole project went on for 2 more months. The client was unhappy with every change and 2-5 emails a day with new demands were coming in. I was changing things they wanted done 2 days ago, because they changed their mind.

Then they started to get personal. They were insulting me and even my family. My self-confidence dropped to an all-time low.

In the end I just sent them all the code for free and went to therapy.

BTW: this was also my most important experience, as things went up hill from then on. As Yoda once said: The greatest teacher, failure is.

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    I wish you get the most ++ for this week.

    Seirously what will beat developing for 2 months with no earning and ending up at a therapy ?
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    Luckily it went uphill again :3
    Thanks for sharing
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    We've all been there.
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    dealing with clients is one if the hardest skills to master, in my experience smaller companies are the worst.
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    I’m pretty much in your exact same situation right now although i did get paid a fair bit in advance 😅

    They’re also threatening to sue me so not the exact same situation i guess
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    @jelleken that sucks... Try to fight them if you have the resources
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