When someone's calls and completely loses his shit (swearing etc etc) because we HAVE TO FUCKING HELP HIM BECAUSE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE RELY ON THIS SITE WHICH IS DOWN.
Explained him calmly that its an unmanaged server which we literally don't have access to. Keeps on calling me all kinda things and then says he'll email some login details.

Bossman walks in, collegue goes like 'yo guess what just happened with linuxxx!'
Le me explains the story.

Bossman: email me his number. I'm going to call him. You treat my employees with fucking respect.

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    That's a cool boss!
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    Once again you have all of us jealous of your company, coworkers, job and all. 🤣
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    I knew it was you after first 3 lines..
    People are such idiots [sometimes]..
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    @sladuled *most of the time
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    @linuxxx Any vacancies at your place?! :D
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    Wait, email a phone number? Why? Jesus it's 2018!
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    @whatevel what would you prefer we do, use that security hole WhatsApp, or were you thinking more smoke signals or telepathy?
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    @ScribeOfGoD @sladuled *all the time

    @RTRMS or, you know, write it on a piece of paper and give it to him
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    @Krokoklemme so kill a tree? I'm guessing your office is still in 2014 then as mine has no paper, no printer, hek same with my last 2 jobs.

    I guess maybe hr has printers, I don't know my contract and offer of employment was emailed, I digitally signed the pdfs and sent them back.

    But ya, no reason to kill a tree over a phone number...
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    Do they really call you 'linuxxx' at work? I even imagine them dragging out the '...xxx' Too 😎 man! :P
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    That's when you fire a customer
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    @RTRMS actually more trees are killed by going paperless than not.
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    Kudos to boss, any chance he is on devRant @linuxxx
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    We used to have a manager that would do this. We'd have some clients that would make support representatives cry, and the manager would call the client and tell them "If you ever talk to one of my reps like that again, I will cancel your contract immediately and you'll go out of business, because your parent company contractually obligates you to use our website/software. So we refuse to work with you = no website for you = no sales for you." We usually didn't hear so much as a slightly raised voice from them after that. It's always awesome when a manager is willing to put their employees well-being above a client's ridiculous expectations that they're "always right."
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