Yesterday I fucked up big time.
First time in my career (I’m 23).

I just started working this week at a new company startup that had no programmers before me. They have a bunch of websites under their control that were on all different hosting solutions, and we decided to move them all to AWS.
I moved a few and was managing the folder rights on the server.
What happened next made my heart skip a few beats.
Bear in mind I’m not an expert in Linux.
I wanted to chmod to the folder I was currently in, and typed ‘sudo chmod -R 770 /‘ thinking for a while that the ‘/‘ would do it on my current dir.

Fuck. As I saw what was happening I pressed ctrl + c as fast as I could. But the damage had been done.

Fast forward a couple hours I deleted the broken instance, and created a new one from scratch. Had to do everything again but managed to do it in just a couple hours, moving as fast as I could without making such stupid mistakes again.

I was honest about it from the first minute it happened, and told my boss right away that I fucked up and had to start over, with a couple of hours of downtime.
Luckily not much was lost and I took a snapshot right after I was finished and will look into auto backups next week.

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    Congratulations! You just learned something!
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    Wow ,u told ur boss!
    That's something unusual
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    @Andi that was my conclusion in the end yes...
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    @CriticalFailure heard of ansible... will look into it.
    The main configuration of the server is in Apache, don’t know if it can help there?
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    @skankhunt42 it can, it can help in any instance of any kind. Btw why Apache? Is it actually needed or just personal preference?
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    Reminds me of that one time when I tried to fix my (already broken system) by chowning everything to myself... Aaah, the mistakes that noobies make.
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