We are a web developer team of 4 people. The system we manage is huge because it's a huge organization.

We use php.

Requirements grow rapidly and debugging became a nightmare. So we decided to move from procedural to OOP to ease it a bit.

And we have this one guy in our team (joined recently) who doesn't understand the benefits of following OOP. He is the one who manages most side projects among us too.

We have tried hard to convince him and now we have almost given up.

So I am asking you guys, please give me some ideas of how we could convince him to learn and follow OOP.

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    Learn it or you’ll be fired.
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    For the record, the mentioned team doesn't have anyone with that authority.@divil @varch
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    @matt961 come and maintain our legacy system for us then
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    @matt961 because you said we are doing oop for the sake of doing it. No. We actually switched to OOP fairly recently. We have tasted both and realize how bitter procedural was.
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    @emyu10 did you try taking this example which convinced you in the first place to convince him?

    Feed him with tasks he cannot effectively solve by procedural style in time and when he is desperate show him the oop way so he gets to know the benefits by example.

    May sound a bit manipulative but honestly he's calling for it, if oop is the verified best approach like you said.
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    Is it worth the time to do a proof of concept for him?
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    @gipsydanger yes it is. Because we are not getting rid of him any time soon.
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