My roommate use torrent to download games,movies and series on an 8mb connection 24/7 even when he's sleeping. I a lot of times asked him nicely not to do that while I'm working or use speed limiter so it won't cause any problem for us, once in a while is okay but not every day. But people like him don't listen.
>Now i just disabled utorrent port associated with his IP every time he goes out or go to sleep. That what you get from being a self servings duche bag

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    I hope he's using a VPN...sounds like he is not being careful and that can mean bigger problems than just hogging bandwidth.
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    Years ago when i was younger and lived at my parents, my brother did that all the time. Well, good for me: i had the internet hardware in my room, so when my internet got slow, i just unplugged a cable and replugged it when i heard someone on the stairs. Damn that net is unstable these days bro, don't know why...
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    Or, you know, just block it entirely
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    Slip some loli materials into his PC. Scheme with few of your friends and make him think he is in serious danger. Make him leave torrent for good, not only while he stays with.
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    @CurseMeSlowly I don't know about that. Play with fire, you might get burned!
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