Me, or everybody else.
I have bipolar disorder, it’s not entirely a bad thing because sometimes my mind flies and bizarre ideas just flush into my mind, ideas that eventually prove to be useful. However, not everyone can catch up my thinking speed.
This year for my senior capstone project, I teamed up with other three brilliant students. In the middle of the project I proposed a very aggressive method when our initial model failed, but they couldn’t understand my method. Towards the end of the semester I basically finished the project alone and claimed that they were just repeating what I was doing, and they didn’t realize that until the last week. At the end, the guy who’s always in charge of the other two people said that I was right, that the very aggressive method could have worked if given them more time to think about it.
I am both relieved and sorry at that moment. I cannot explain my ideas and that leads to my teams confusion.
I am still the same guy now, haven’t changed, will still be a pain in the ass when work with other people, I tried to be patient, but idk if it was just me being too impatient or others are too dumb.
I really tried......

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    I like bipolar people they're cool.
    I'll just never give them my phone to choose music on spotify at parties again.
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    I'm sometimes jealous of bi polar people as I suffer from severe depression. But I realize that the "good" times can get your life screwed up.
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    @theScientist no, but it can be passed through family
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    @heyheni well.... my girlfriend initiated our first conversation for my playlist
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    @SAM41 it is actually a great feeling, some people said nothing can get you higher than bipolar itself
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    @K-ASS I know but people do bad stuff when they feel like that.
    Like getting into debt for stuff they don't need.
    It always depends on the individual of course.
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