No suitable raspberry pi 64-bit distro.
Ok, I will build my own
Poor laptop, prepare for hours of gcc grind while we cross compile what we need 😛

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    And release to the public 😋
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    I feel your pain. My laptop is running gcc half the freaking time. 😅
    The poor old thing.
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    There's no 64bit distro because they chose that processor for its 32bit capabilities, it's 64b performance isn't as good.
    Nice project tho 😉
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    I know, and the cpu lies when it boots in 32bit, uname -m will say arm71 not arm.
    The reason I'm building one is simple though. A friend asked me to figure why a pi3 was failing to process some POS backups (I know, a real nas would be more suitable).
    The reason turned out to be simple, php compiled in 32bit wasn't handling files over 2gb.
    So this is going to be a very crude/custom build with just the software needed, not very suitable for anyone without a considerable amount of remastering.
    Probably will use it as a base for my own pis, since I dislike using "one trick distros" that make it hard to customize for everything else.
    Gcc and friends already compiled over night, the kernel is ready, tonight I'll compile the rest of the stack and test.
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