Ex-Boss (62years old)- why do you wear a watch? Take it off.

Me (bewildered) - why? What happened?

Him - see I don't wear a watch also.
Come on, take it off.

Me - *took off my watch* now what?

Him - see. Now you can also look at the time using your mobile, like me. No need of watch. U should be modern.

Me- *WTF. Are u high or something, u fucking insane asshole? *
He was one weird piece of shit.

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    Without my watch I feel super weird, it’s just a reflex to look at it
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    Emphasizing 'Ex-Boss' here. Aka: personally I wouldn't give a fuck about his request.
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    @RedBorg same. But I have a smartwatch
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    I used to wear a watch but the battery went flat, then i bought a casio that had a 10 year battery life but the strap broke. Now I don't know what time it is and I don't care either
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    He is kinda insisting u to use phone in work hours !

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    A broken clock is right two times a day ⌚
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    I only wear watch to meetings that I know will be long..so I can check time without people noticing..
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    @Bobj2008 except if it is a broken digital one.
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    On a side note:
    Got an awesome present last year. Beautiful watch. Had an issue though and was send back for repairs. It's been 3 months now. Fucking rediculous
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    this is your Ex-Boss.
    I was trying to help you to look modern idiot !
    And what I get? you rant about me and call me a shit?
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    Watches are great. It's way easier to use than yanking my phone out of my pocket. I personally think people who take out a phone just to check the time look like chodes.
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    Time is just a human concept that has no worth, like every other human concept because we're just sacks of skin and bone walking around acting like we own everything and we're important, when humans are really just little grease spots in history, with no meaning or value to anything apart from our over inflated egos.

    Fuck humans.
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    Etiquette 101:
    A gentleman will never use his mobile phone to check the current time.
    Instead a hand watch may be used.
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    Does anyone here know kinda a lot about clocks?

    I'm wanting to buy a wrist watch, but something on the side of low profile, minimalist.

    Almost every single clock I've found it's obscenely big or has a really awful design.
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    I don't wear any watch since I finished highschool. So almost a decade now. I don't like to wear any hand accessories or jewelries as well. I prefer being light and free.

    And yeah my laptop and my phone are my source of time. And the clocks at home.

    Maybe he is like me 🤔
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    @ewpratten @CurseMeSlowly it is a personal choice. You shouldn't force it upon someone else just because u don't do it.
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    @happypotter yep I have never advised other to become watch-less people. 🤔 So I do agree that he is an odd one.
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    get yourself an Avatar.

    (It bugs me when people leave their avatars blank)
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    @ewpratten maybe they are invisible...
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    @Pointer go right to the source and shop on AliExpress. It will take longer to get here but a ton these ‘affordable luxury’ watch brands are buying a large quantity of these watches and branding them and marking them up
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    Who would win?

    Pulling a troublesome 6" slate out of your pocket, where you need to open the flip cover and press a button


    One flick of your wrist
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