Finally did it!
Replaced my desktop pc (which I use for gaming) which had Windows 7 with Arch Linux! It was not hard because I already use it on my laptop.

OK it was a bit struggle with nvidia and cinnamon due to missing libraries I had to install which I don't know before.

But it is possible to play games on Arch?
Yes definitely!
CS:GO - works (native, steam)
League of Legends - works (wine)
World of Tanks - works (wine)

All I need is working (:

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    I see this more and more.
    I'm an hipster cause I did this half a year ago. Am I cool now?!@?

    No but congratulations on the switch takes a bit of time. We'll make you a GNU+Linux kind of guy who has to connect via IRC because of his terminal chat program. 😏🙄
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