CS graduates that have never gone beyond "Hello World", fuck college and it's "system".

So the actual victims of the story are friends of mine, CS colleagues, but I can't help but share as the existence of code freeloaders enfuriates me.

At college in order to graduate you need to present a project in form of a thesis a side from your actual thesis, there is a shortage of pre-approved projects and everyone wants one.

A talented friend of mine who has many years of programming experience got in one with another friend of mine and a lady who I've never seen before. One Saturday night my friend and I were having some beers at a local bar and his phone didn't stop beeping so I jokingly said:

"Bro, tell your girl you need some space", he laughed and explained it was the chick from her project having some "issues" with node.

"So? Tell her to google it, it's Saturday night", he explained the girl has never coded before even though she's about to graduate so she had take it upon herself to pressure him to finish ASAP so she can graduate and get an already agreed position at the federal energy commission... As dev!

I've seen my bud in a lot of dumb calls with said chick trying to explain how you CAN'T COMPILE THE NODE WEBSERVER TO A .EXE!

It frustrated me how such an idiot can go through a CS major buying homeworks and getting low self-esteem geeks to code for her. Then I realized that as an aspiring InfoSec guy, lazy idiots coding is good for business.

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    I assume she looks good then, if low self-esteem geeks code for her that is.
    Anyway... pics? 😄
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    @Froot I remember a girl in one Facebook group said to another one ( after the last one posted a bad joke): "Darling, you are not beautiful enough to be stupid"
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    @Froot she's not even good looking that's the sad part
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    Well, I think that the major problems with CS courses is the lack of practical experience. It makes us leave the course knowing how to solve a differential equation, but doesn't teach how to efficiently use MVC. I mean... we don't wan't CS courses to start teaching top-hyped-world-saving technologies but is it too much to teach anything different than old-school Java and C?
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    @ysads Thing is, I don't think you need university to learn to code. What you mostly need university for is the academic stuff. Stuff like algorithms and high level math. It's much harder to learn that on your own.

    If all you want is to learn to code in some language then just pick up a course on udemy and start writing stuff. You'll save a bunch of money and time and will probablly get more for it.
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    @ysads I think the problem with CS courses (at least at my college) is the lack of interest in producing quality engineers with hunger for more, more knowledge, more languages, more tech; they are just focused on graduating as much students with good grades as possible.
    @Froot I would bet my life savings she can't do a differential. And yet she'll be "coding" our electrical grid, that will be interesting.
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    Honestly, I don't even know why CS qualifies anyone for a dev job. At least at my university and some others I have looked at, there is such a strong focus on theory and such little focus on application that by the time someone graduates, they can write small sorting algorithms and data structures and that's it.

    Profs give us labs that they have mostly done, so we can complete a function. And this is what I pay $10k for. Seriously. And I'm fine, I've been programming for years, so I know my way around. But all the other kids? You have to code to get good, not stare at slides and fill in functions. No wonder people go on to make simple errors and fuck shit up as junior devs. Four years and (at least) forty grand later, they have an extremely basic understanding of programming. And don't even get me started on how little team work there is, which is a critical part of software development.

    Fml this turned into a mini rant... But seriously, screw CS degrees.
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    @nanoandrew4 Amen, I identify with your rant.👌
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