CS Professor: “What M word is the black hole to all productivity?”

Student: “Management”

CS Professor: “Was going to say meetings but that’s better”

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    Meetings and management go hand in hand. Both slow me down for sure
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    Sometimes it's "Microsoft".
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    Gonna print this for my cube!
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    Love it
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    @PonySlaystation really dig your username, man
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    Shake this guy's hand for me. Hell, buy him a drink.
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    There i go 😬🤓
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    I like your professor
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    This is gold 🥇
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    How the fuck would you even know what to build otherwise? "Lookitmeee, heeer I ammm typin away lotsaaaa codeee thasss gonna go straighhhhht to the trash bin cause I skipped a product meeting beeein all productive and shit!". Sorry, what I meant to say was, and email too, right? And IM. And other people. Gawd, other people trying to coordinate stuff just suck so hard.
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    @skqr no1: this is more comical than true for every instance.
    no2: tell me with confidence that every meeting you possibly have had was used 100% to its right purpose with no time wasting, no dragging out things that could have been said in 10 minutes rather than an hour, and that management never said to implement something that is either unfeasible or going back on something you implemented after the last meeting.
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    Was going for a solid 3rd place with "Monday" but that slipped to fourth with "Microsoft."
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    @lquessenberry so we can all agree that M is the worst letter in the English language.
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    I would say that m needs it more
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    I do not know, it does not even smell of management given what happens on the calls. You could do an essay on autism on these meetings, like https://papersowl.com/examples/..., because I personally behave in a similar way. But I like that everyone pretends that this is supposed to be a management thing and not just a circus for big kids.
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    nice post!
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