Fuck. I really hate it when someone has a domain I'd like to have, and doesn't do shit with it. Come on! A webpage that says "Live soon"?!

It's like having a subscription to the gym and never go to the gym. Total waste of money and opportunity for someone else to use the domain, just for the sake of "There is the slightest possibility that I maybe want to do something with this domain in the future".

Fuck this shit.

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    Like my domains
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    But in the gym example it's a good thing because I can go to a quite gym for cheap when lots of people do pay and don't show :)
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    The gym example has annoyed my brain. It’s not accurate.

    If someone has a gym membership and doesn’t use it, that doesn’t stop you from using it.

    If someone has a domain and doesn’t use it, you cannot use it.
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