Just wondering
Will you ever maintain the issue tracker?
There are like 200+ issues/FR


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    they're just two
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    We do maintain the issue tracker.

    As I’ve said before, we’re extremely liberal with what issues stay open. Many of those 200 are feature suggestions, most of which as-is will likely never happen but we leave open as a courtesy to allow for discussion and possible improvement.

    Not to mention we’ve closed over 100 issues.

    @jAsE this has been discussed before, but just to summarize, it is a significant amount of work to open source the app and I personally think the actual interest in bug fixing would be minimal as it is with almost every open source project. Every time someone posts a rant about open sourcing devRant, without fail it seems to get very little attention which I think might back up my theory :)
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    @dfox is hiring ever gonna become possible? youve got a lot of great candidates
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    Why I am not willing to do any Titanium work
    1. I feel like it is Swift
    2. Feels like Apple
    3. Feels like PHP
    4. Whatever
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    Hey dfox,
    Quick Question:
    I wrote you an email and wondered if the email address "info@devrant.io" is still valid because you've changed you domain to .com
    If it's still valid it would be nice if you could check your emails :)
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