I've been working towards a degree in CS recently after being out of school nearly 10 years. I've been trying really hard to keep an open mind and not complain about the professors, but I have to let this out.

My one class we have to write all of our code in their specified editor which I hate, but I understand the need for standardization, but then once it is error free we have to copy and paste the code into ms word and turn it in!! Really?! In 2018 I can't just submit my source files and you open them to run and grade? I seriously have to copy my code into ms word for you to grade it? I don't even understand how you would grade that because it kills the formatting and readability, not to mention the quotes get changed to their curly counterpart which isn't valid syntax.

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    That's a major oof.

    Is the professor young or older? I've noticed the older ones, even in tech, can be out of touch.
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    @jhh2450 I'd guess in their 50's but that's only an estimation.
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    @ryanmhoffman Hmmm. Should definitely be able to stay up to date. Maybe complain to the CS department head?
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    @jhh2450 Unless the department head is a doofus as well.
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    @saintograph Then I'd say get a group of people who agree and go to the Dean of Education. If that doesn't do much, you're fucked.
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    Ms word + code = 🤬 👉👌 🤯
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    Its the same in my college. Frustrating.
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