‪I use Linux because I enjoy unexpectedly learning how to mount an encrypted disk after a software update deletes the boot directory... on a Thursday night while other people drink beer.

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    I love-hate Linux for that.
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    Or update the nvidia drivers and get black screen at the next boot :P
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    @pulver fucking true maan
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    @pulver Can totally relate. As a wise man once said, "FUCK YOU NVIDIA"
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    This is the only thing that keep me from full time Linux lol. Never fails need to install something new and Bam I need to re install Nvidia drivers or something if equal misery.
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    @nanoandrew4 are you that wise man? Lol
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    @jamesharrington 🤣 no, Linus Torvalds said that once upon a time when someone asked him why driver support for Nvidia sucked so much on Linux.
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    Indeed once learned you can solve it. Though the con of fucking up my distribution from time to time. Doesn't out way the pros of Linux.
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    Searched so many streets for you, my long lost sibling <3
    Also streets stands for tilda & gedit
    And search stands for Ctl+F
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    Been using ubuntu for a couple of years with intel chipsets. Not a single issue that I haven't caused.

    Niw I am on pop!_os, which is ubuntu with a gnome skin and "cleaner", also no issues at all.
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    Better than Windows 10 which just reboots all the time and only has malware and a built in cryptocurrency miner which wears out all of the WiFi waves.
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    Happened to me too, some time ago. :D

    My boot partition was too small for the updated image.

    Those were annoying days until I repaired it.

    I didn't only have an encrypted partition, but an encrypted disk containing multiple virtual partitions.
    It took me a long time until I figured out my only how to mount them from inside the live system, but how to correctly chroot and add them to fstab before rebuilding grub...
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