How many of you have asked for a raise? How many have gotten it? How big was it? Did you leverage another job offer? How long did you work until you got it?

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    1) I asked for a raise and did not get it.
    2) I was offered another job without applying, with a significantly higher pay.
    3) I told my boss I'm leaving
    4) He asked why. If it's about money, he could give me a raise (hah!).
    5. I left anyway.

    But be warned, leveraging another job can also result in a "fine, you're free to go". And you better didn't bluff!
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    I signed a contract saying I'd get a raise every half year so fair enough for me 😊
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    I got large pay rises every year for 5 years (after stating I wasn't happy and would leave ) . In the end I still left, and for a lower paid job .. money isn't everything.
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    Asked for a raise and got it 3 times.

    I had to make sure i was doing something that nobody (on that company) could do, so my boss would have no choise but to accept it (or at least think about it).

    Or maybe i was just lucky lol
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    @kano how much is large percentage wise?
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    @ModernShoe Good point, what I think is large, might not be what you/others think. A couple at 15%, the last one was 20%.
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