New senior dev joined the project today.
Senior dev: "There's no way for me to test my changes before I merge this into develop"
Me: "Can you at least run our test suite?"
An hour later the develop branch is fucked and everyone who has merged it locally has pages of red errors splattered across their screens whenever they run any tests.
Start looking into what the fuck is going on.
Notice that all the errors are related to changes the new guy made.
Ask him if he ran the tests..
Senior dev: "Nah they wouldn't catch anything locally "
Stare at the stream of red text running down my screen.
Normally I wouldn't care but we were trying to prepare a release... RUN THE FUCKING TESTS ASSHOLE.

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    Fire them, hire me. 😊
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    @1989 Thanks, I have plenty more rants to come!
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    @Root I wouldn't wish that on anyone. This current project is a nightmare :S
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    You have a team.
    You have a test suite.
    You have a development branch.
    You prepare releases.

    That already sounds hundreds of times better than where I work!
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    Sometimes I ask myself if I would be able get a job despite I have no experience and just work with a very few technologies just because I do use git, I'm trying to learn how to use tests etc on my private projects.

    I always read you guys talking about people and companies that does not test so much, does not use git, breaks the builds and keep it like that to everyone etc. Really, is it so difficult to them try to make things works fine?
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    Justified murder.
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    @brunofontes you'll often notice this happens to 'new hires'. The real issue is that it's incredibly unlikely that anyone will have the same workflow and habbits as the team where they start working. And the people who are experienced devs tend to have animosity for all new hires! They show them just the right things to be dangerous, make them feel like dumbasses if they don't know every technology and tool the dept uses... Then they deviously wait for the setup to play out where the new hire inevitably gets overwhelmed, feels too ashamed to ask the unforgiving assholes for help, and then screws something up. It's all as planned! Only thing left is to make a huge fuss about what a moron this new person is because they didn't know specific methods and workflows that this team has slowly developed and evolved to do over years. I've seen it over and over again. Just be a nice person and take the new people under your wing, it doesn't devalue you, it actually helps everyone look better!
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    @agaskins I never worked as a developer, but I love to code. Well, I'm in localization business for 15 years and I can see this happens there too, but not so frequently.

    Sometimes the inexperienced are better than the seniors...

    I am not saying I'm good. Actually, I reckon I'd have to learn a lot and get lots of experience to be able to work as a developer. That's why I never tried to change career. Not to mention that every job I occasionally see that maybe could work for me offers about 10 usd per hour. With 2 times this value we start to talk, but 10 dollars are not enough when you have a family.

    But I was not answering to talk about me. On localization and here, on development, I see these seniors, usually with high salaries, screwing up thinks while the new ones are trying to make everything work and not getting their chances to get lots of jobs.
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    @agaskins This. I quit my last job as an employee after only 5 days because of this behavior from my boss. Since day 1 I was experiencing a lot of trouble with their internal tools and process. I asked for help a few times, but nobody had time for giving me anything else than quick advices. Hours where passing while I was litterally waiting alone at my desk facing shitloads of errors after trying to do simple things like cloning a repo which they wanted me to work on. There really were bugs, permissions issues, and a really shitty devops, things that I couldn't manage to fix by myself after only a few hours on the job! So I adressed the problem with boss, and he said that I was not good enough, that they had warn me about the fact that the team had a pretty good level so it would not be easy for me, and shits like that. Please dude, you make shitty drupal websites! Did 5 days, nothing changed. Actually boss attitude with me was worse, so I left, and I'm much happier as a freelance now.
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