@dfox - a poll post type would be awesome

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    This has been suggested a lot but there are people who have objected with good points. I feel like polls might get old quickly. Ex. "This language or that language?"

    I'm not opposed to them, but when we add features we want to make sure they are well thought out.

    I think polls in some form could be fun, but I'd want feedback on how to make them fun and valuable for a lot of the community.
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    Ok how about an edit post feature ?
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    Or an edit comment one
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    @AboMahdi we have that on the roadmap
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    Cool, hope God's will be with you
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    Perhaps a weekly group poll, like the weekly rant? Although I guess that would mean more work for @dfox thinking up topics!
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    @cgbj that's an interesting idea. Not sure where it would live though.
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