I'm a web developer and know jack about hardware. My wife's personal laptop was going very slow so decided to upgrade to a SSD. How hard could it be?

Turns out to be very fiddly trying to disconnect and reconnect 4 ribbon cables. To get to the HD and replace it.

Restarted laptop and thought it was all good, but only certain keys worked and the mouse pad moved but didn't click?!?

Had to take it apart and reconnect twice more but now it's fully functioning once again.

Sticking to software in future. Massive respect to hardware specialists!

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    You've got to start somewhere. No harm in learning about what supports your craft.
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    Yeah, some of those tiny connectors can be a real pain. Some are pretty fragile too. IFixIt has some great tools for that kind of stuff.
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    Designs like that are a failure in my opinion. Access to HDD should be super easy as it is most likely to fail and need replacing. Lately I've encountered laptop that would allow for easy change of only one stick of RAM. Changing other one required disassemble of like 30% of laptop. But this not as horrible design as the one you've encountered.
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    @oscylo I was expecting to remove a small cover and a couple of screws but instead I had to remove the whole top of the laptop.

    Luckily I found a few how to videos on YouTube that really helped.
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    @Gogeta70 having the right tools for the job would definitely help!
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    It's all result of demand for slimmer hardware and manufacturers wanting to sell as new models instead allowing as to upgrade individual components.
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