WTH. My TV, with a plugged in chromecast, just turned itself on and played music that definetely was not mine.
First thought was, that someone got into my network and was jerking around. A little later I figured out, that my mom started the playlist on her phone and somehow it triggered my cast und turned the TV on.

Seriously WTF

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    HDMI-CEC + device that casts to chrome cast.

    This can be a great feature, but can lead to random turn-ons overnight with faulty devices.
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    If the Chromecast is powered and plugged into the phone, you can just start casting and it'll turn the TV on and/or switch the channel.
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    Thanks for your answers. Didn't know that the CC can turn on the TV by itself. But still strange, that the phone automatically streamed to it.
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    Random turn ons..!! 🤔
    That would be something I wouldnt mind paying for.
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