Stop using 5 year old, terrible drag and drop website designer which uses inline CSS and JavaScript and let us actually write it. They (barely) teach us html and then say that using a website designer is how it works in the real world. They actually disallow us writing it from scratch. Just glad I taught myself it already!

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    Ya.. according to my teacher, wix is what the pros use.
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    The reality of the situation is that the drive towards components in the major frameworks is making handcrafted HTML and CSS _way_ more important
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    @ewpratten I have it on good authority that some pros have used Wix in the past... Mostly on purpose, and mostly just to annoy the guy who will have to support it who frankly, deserved it.
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    In our Higher Computing Class we were asked to use Serif WebPlus to make a website, I refused to because it was so bad, it didn't even make the website scalable or anything *eww*. I spent hours in that class using Notepad to make a proper HTML & CSS website because they wouldn't install anything better on the PCs. Turns out, my website was the best in the class because it filled the screen and not just an 800x600 area of the browser 😂
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    At my university we luckily learned from scratch. I can’t imagine using a drag and drop, that sounds like a terrible way to get into web dev.
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    WTF!? Man I knew CS was dreary compared to the course I did (which was highly practical, project and workshop based), but online website builders!? Wow!
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