!!rooting while drunk

I got drunk last night and painted my nails. I bought a really pretty shade of purple that should match one of my favorite shirts, and it's my last day at the office today (EVER; lease is up), so dressing up is a great idea, right? I'll feel better and more confident and it'll make everyone miss me.

Except. I was drunk.
And for some reason thought painting them in the dark was a great idea.

Oh, they look horrible!
and apparently I don't own any nail polish remover, so.

Today's going to be the best day ever!

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    Wear gloves like a diva?
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    @FunkDelegate I feel this is an inappropriate comment which falls out the context.
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    @EmptyStack I suppose you're right. My apologies. Though there might be some cultural differences in play. Still, my apologies are sincere. I certainly didn't want to offend anyone.
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    What are you doing šŸ˜‚
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    @jakobev well, apologizing for my impropriate vestimentary suggestion. Everybody knows cleavage isn't fashionable anymore
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    I'm bad enough at doing my nails when sober, I can't imagine doing them when drunk, haha
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    @Christine in my opinion, girls looking cuter and more naturally, if they don't polish their nails etc
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    @jakobev Everyone has their preferences. It can be a fun, relaxing activity, and adds a bit of 'polish' to my generally overly down to earth attire. Plus, my boyfriend thinks it's cute, which is really the only opinion I care about re:looks
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    I spent half an hour this morning cleaning up all the misses and overpaint with a razor blade. Turned out pretty good, though it's still really bubbly and uneven.


    (Nails are too short, I know)
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    @Root Cute! I don't think the bubbles will be noticeable at a distance
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    @Root not soooo bad
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    I tried to do red polish the other day, it came out shitty so I took it off, but couldn't get it all. Then I found out that the new polish I bought wasn't opaque, and it looks like I have semi bloody nails šŸ™ƒ At least most of the red has flaked off at this point. I'm trying some new light pink over the weekend, fingers crossed it works out.
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    @Christine really? I've never seen translucent nailpolish before. I'm not artistic enough to do anything really fancy, so I'm not sure what I'd even use it for.

    But simple I can do.
    I might do green with black crackle next.
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    I did grey crackle over red once.

    I looked like a burn victim, with ash on her burnt up, bloody fingers.

    Would have been good for Halloween. Not really a good spring look, though
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    @Christine I totally might do that for Halloween this year.

    Green with yellow crackle should look good for spring. I have those two I think. Then again there's nothing green in the desert. Maybe I should do tan/brown instead. šŸ˜§
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    @Root omg a razor! you... are a genius hahaha
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    @vhoyer it works very well!
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    @Root It looks cute. I'm amazed you did that with a razor! Damn!
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    After seeing these fingers and then examining my own I can only draw one conclusion. Fingers start to look wierd when you stare at them.
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    Time to go Savage and rip off your nails
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