People who use drag and drop website builders and call themselves front end developers should just die!

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    That's how they sell it to them...
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    Counter point: Am real software developer. Sometimes do 'custom' websites on the side.

    I recommend certain drag and drop CMS systems because the truth is, 90% of people do not need anything else. In fact, most people need an interface they can edit without touching code.

    I'll get under the hood and tweak it/add/remove stuff from the templates and call it a day.

    That being said, I wouldn't call it web development until/unless I'm actually coding. ;)
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    @sethgoodluck this right here! It gives certain types of customers a broader sense of freedom to do what thry want with their website. Think of a customer that wants to change stuff every week, instead of doing it for them every single time, just offer them a drag and drop feature. That way content is their responsability, not yours.
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    Not trying insult you (you probably know more about web dev than me)but that seems super risky to me. Users are good at breaking/ ruining everything in the most ridiculous ways
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    @scottm no offense taken, so relax ;)

    In response to your comment, you only need to make sure you d&d framework is rock solid stable. In my experience, customers are in fact only interested in 'i want to have my banner here, my carrousel here and my footer with all the social media buttons in it'..
    They don't care about inner workings but if you give them the power to change the look and feel of the site they will appreciate it.

    But most importantly, you can offload the content responsability to the customer, since he/she is able to do so.
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    WTF, password already in use???? 😂
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    I call myself consultant. Yayy I don't have to die 🕺
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    Look at you all the way up there on your high horse!
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