Windows asks to update. I say no and 10min later i get this casual update continuing.

Glad i have a say in life

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    Why did you say no? I'm always wondering why people are hell bent on disabling updates. You also do this on your Linux or do you check every new change yourself? Just wondering.
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    Was busy playing a game :( i do the updates but not during the day. When they ask i postpone till later the evening to prevent any bandwidth throttling across all devices during the day
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    @Agred yes my god yes...

    <Rant>Before you plan to play to code or do that important thing, check for updates first.

    It's like getting in your car and complaining that you ran out of gas or the tire was flat while you were half way down the motorway...

    I wonder if these people check if their zipper is up before they walk out the door in the morning, only to complain when their balls get cold.

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    @seraphimsystems I'm really curious why people choose not update their firmware/software. It reminds me of those who would not vaccinate because it's popular or something. As a software developer myself I feel urge to do those updates because many times I've seen how much can be accomplished in just few hours of work.
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    I can answer that (also disabling automatic updates)!
    Problem is that I don’t trust updates. I remember times it wiped Grub, made a bootloop or had some different disturbing behaviour.

    Instead my updates are done when I’m more then sure I have time to fix whatever fuck up Microsoft, GNU/Linux or Apple has done to the stability of my working machine. Right after an update has happened.
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    @valvy Okay, that's pretty convincing, especially after some recent fuckups and I can't really argue with that logic. I can be just really lucky that I seldom have problems like that. More often it's only my fault that something stops to work.
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    @ponyboy3 anyone who doesn't want to get nagged during work? You check for updates and run them while getting coffee?

    I suppose it depends what update track your on though.
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    The annoying thing is you never know how long windows update takes, it's somewhere in the 5 minutes to 4 hours range and especially annoying if it's 5 minutes at shut down and 4 hours at boot the next morning (talking to you fall creator update).

    Last week I needed to restart my laptop and it triggered an update at the most inconvenient time without any notification icon.

    I wish we can go back to choosing when to update and only updating when shutting down so I can start it when going to sleep. Will probably never happen, but one can dream.
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