So on top of my Windows update frustrations, I just found out that Microsoft has been scamming me out of money for two years!
I bought an android tablet in 2016 which came with a free 1 year subscription to Office365. They demanded credit card info, so I made sure to pre-cancel it to avoid getting charged when the year was up.
Today I find a line on my bank statement that just says 'MICROSOFT', and I think to myself: 'What the hell is that?!?'
It takes some digging for the email adress I used and trying to navigate various MS sites until I realize that those bastards have auto-renewed the subscription twice now!
I missed it last year, but luckily since I caught the latest one within 30 days I can get a full refund.
Will contact their support tomorrow to get the rest of it back. Too tired right now to deal with their support jungle of circular links and virtual assistants...

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    They weren't "scamming" you, as with most subscriptions you automatically enrolled and that is why you were charged a yearly fee. The fact you don't know how this shit works + the fact you "missed" your last payment to them makes your rant full of horseshit. You didn't sign up for some weight loss bullshit or penis pills.....you knowingly (the sign up process is very clear) signed up for an Office365 subscription along with million other people. UGH. (Windows update frustrations are just icing on the cake...I just updated to build 17101, the process took 15 minutes and my computer is old as shit). UGHx2
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    @intromatt My opinion is that auto-renewal, which costs money, is a scam. Just because everyone does it doesn't make it right. Clearly the point of giving away a free trial period, but demanding credit card info, is to make money off of people forgetting to cancel.
    If you would read what I wrote, I DID cancel the subscription immediately after signing up for the free trial. But something must have gone wrong causing the cancellation not to be registered, which is why it took me two years to stumble across the charge.

    Also, feel free to check out my previous rant where I describe why Windows Update is problematic.
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