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    It just needs a lot of training
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    Ah look ++ rainbows
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    I think then AI will think Lil bit and will move on to LinuxπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Fuck that, it's a straight up || (or)
    It reboots whenever the fuck it wants.
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    @iSwimInTheC can't argue with that haha
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    Good enough
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    Am I the only one who's bothered by the fact that the picture of of 1609? Version 1803 just came out and there were 2 big updates previous. What the fuck are you doing!?!
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    @RiderExMachina they are either lazy, stupid, or it's an old meme lol
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    @n00bn00b the meme is mew, the picture is old.

    I read the news on their use of AI just this week.

    They use it to determine which hardware gets the new update first so that hardware that are most likely to just work is first out.

    That way they can catch usability bugs first when there are less customers and have time to test other configs more.

    I believe it checks which combinations of hardware and programs that are most likely to be affected by changes.

    Best case they get a smoother rollout and customers with odd hardware at least avoid non hardware related bugs.

    It might not lessen the bug count but distribute it more evenly over the customers.

    Like the airport that solved the problem with complaints on slow luggage handling by moving the luggage retrieval further away from the gates.

    It took passengers longer to get there and the trucks got there faster giving the unload crew more time to finish, and when passengers got there the luggage started to roll out directly ;)
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    @Voxera that actually sounds pretty awesome. I don't use Windows anymore though. But that's definitely a step forward for them.
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    "That's not an AI That's an if statement"
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    @PVeda well, all our ai’s are just very complex if statements but using aggregates of history to “learn” ;)
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    Shouldn’t these be computed properties
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