Just a little bit of venting from me (written in GT for speed):

>be me
>apply for a programming job at a local company
>interviewer says that he's impressed with my resume and says that he'll call me
>one week later
>"hey anon, drop by our office, you're hired!"
>hot diggity damn!
>papers say that it's a help desk job
>"oh don't worry about it, it's just that we don't have a programming sector yet"
>wtf the job offer was for programmers but w/e a job is a job is a job
>start working there. Really mineal shit like fixing entries on SQL, resetting modems, etc.
>decide to write a couple of scripts for more mechanical tasks such as gathering .xml for the accountant
>everything is peaches and gravy
>one day the boss calls me into his office
>"hey anon, you're fired!"
>ask him why
>tells me my coworkers ratted me out on the scripts, says that I'm cheating on the job
>ni🅱️🅱️a wut???
>try to explain myself to him but he won't listen
>get fired after 4 months of being the most productive member of the team

That serves me right for trying to be good at my shitty ass job. Oh well.

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    Oh boy...that doesn't make sense on any level
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    @ElToastGrande and you think it makes any sense to me? Haha
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    What the fuck. D:
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    Heck no
    That's really the exact opposite of what it should be.
    What you described is basically...extra work just to be occupied - because screw advancements we made, right?
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    @ElToastGrande basically that.
    "We pay your salary, you work for it. Don't care if you do it faster"
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    You actually dodged a bullet right there, mate ;)
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    Damn anon. That’s a real GT story right there.
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    @Jahhein lyke if u cri everitimy
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    Sounds to me like this company will be going under sooner rather than later with an attitude like that. You dodged a bullet, you'll definitely find a better job out there
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    @sslPoodle 35 year old that majored in System Analysis and Development
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    Valve anticheat in real life...
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    I really hope you deleted the script. 🤣
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    @Prostration oh don't worry, I deleted everything from my work machine.
    I may be stupid but I'm not that stupid hahaha
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    @Ixquitilis you will get s phone call in a few months, it will go something like this: “Hey lxquitlis, business has picked up a bit and we could really stand to speed things up a bit. How do we use those scripts you wrote?”

    To which you will offer to implement new scrips as a contractor for 5x your previous rate.
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