Took a coding exam today ..

.. on paper.

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    Actual coding or cs theory?
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    It has the positive effects, you really need to think, before you start coding. Its annoying but helps you.
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    I’d argue that written exams of principles isn’t all that bad i.e drawing out the box model, pseudo code, CRAP, other stylistic features. Telling someone “here is a template now code css with a php backend using only paper” isn’t as good.
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    I took a web dev exam on paper and it wasn't terrible at all. While it was mostly just "what does <tag> do?" There were a few questions where we had to write (and obviously properly indent) some HTML/CSS.

    Oh and it took like 20 minutes for a few of us to finish. Super easy and definitely beats having to make a simple website for an exam. (We have bi-weekly projects and in class assignments for that lol)
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    @Cyanide web dev? Thats some next level stupidity 😝
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    @jhh2450 Good for you :)
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    @Cyanide The class is really really easy lol. It's a ground up class, but I've got a decent bit of experience.

    Main things I've learned:
    •Proper indentation (oh God the spaghetti I used to write... #rip),
    •HTML5 tags (thanks to my high school teacher for teaching us "HTML5" but forgetting those tags)
    •A bit of technicalities and and a few just simple things.

    But thanks lol
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    Don't be surprised if they ask you to code on paper during an interview too.
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    Common practice in a lot of interviews, solve problems in a white board/paper./
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    @Merkury Whiteboard > paper.

    Much easier to fix mistakes on a whiteboard vs paper lol
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    Looks like the exam was in INDIA
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    just forgot the semicolon
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    Argh, what I hate the most is the fact that in real life, I can Google shit. Sure, you need to know the language, but the fact that an exam in such a practical subject can be based solely on theory and memory annoys me.
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    I failed on one of those...
    My code was correct by means of: "me typing it into a PC"...
    But I have poor handwriting, so the people who checked the exam completely screwed up reading the code I was writing... (causing all kinds of issues)
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    I feel you.
    Had to code C in an exam yesterday.
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    I had coding exams for C++ and the lector told us that he will not check semicolons. In the end I realized that it is a good experience for future interviews.
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