Interviewer: "Do you know Xamarin?"
Me: "I mean I know C# but not app development"
Interviewer: "You're hired!"

Thats pretty much how my interview went

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    fake it till you make it baby right on
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    Wtf, that’s it? What happened to all the data structures and algorithms questions that you have to answer?
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    Mine went like this:
    Marketer: "the company was looking for xarmarin devs, but gave up and is going native Java"

    Interviewer: "how many xarmarin questions can I ask before you realize we gave up on Java and moved back to xarmarin?"
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    @spoiledgoods literally what i always say lmao
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    I'll only worked with SSH in Linux but I use it daily at work and home, but during an interview I was asked what putty was... Still mad
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    @bitflow whats an included installation for 500?
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    I have a job interview tomorrow for a first responder job dealing with Linux. It's 3 hours long... In DoD everything has the same framework but I have no idea what I'm walking into with this new civilian job. I'm currently running different Linux VM's and fucking with all the different ways to do the samething. But if it doesn't go through I have a DoD interview teaching networking and server's Monday.

    I feel like I'm on another planet then you guys
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    Didn't get it
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    @bitflow :( damn man, that sucks - keep your head up, that industry is tough from what I hear
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    @bitflow you found the courage to go through a three hours interview, your value has increased.
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