Argh... Fuck you with a rusty pole while monkeys hanging on them. Why the fuck did you not take the extra five minutes that would have been taken to restrict that fucking datepicker to not allow users to pick a date before the current day??

Thanks to you asshole I've managed to book my accommodation from February 2nd to 4th instead of March.

Now I don't have anywhere to sleep while I must go there for the weekend because I have some course to attend to.

Abso-fucking-lutely great.

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    I firstly thought you were @AlexDeLarge
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    Haha, he might have had an influence on my swearing vocabulary. But far be it from me to pretend I'm him.
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    Book again?
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    Sadly all booked. I've probably (still waiting for the confirmation) managed to get an airbnb but will cost triple than the college room would have been.
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    Well, time was short and a lot of the other cheap options was already booked, due to other events taking place in the city. I have to settle for the airbnb for this week.

    For next time I will be writing a small script that does what that incompetent bastard forgot.
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