Just installed linux (Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS x64) because windows update was being a cunt, instantly, it all fell into place and I got it fully running with minecraft (using generic driver, but it actually works pretty well, don't worry I will get the proper one tomorrow) and a desktop icon for it within two hours compare to windows (update) taking 4 days to do barely any updates, not accepting java or graphics drivers, which it requires because fuck opengl with the default drivers.

Fuck windows. Hooray for linux!

Now back to programming...

Thanks for putting up with me but I just need to vent because I felt like I couldn't program (and I didn't) because of FUCKING DOOLALY WINDOWS 8!

Btw thanks to the local charity shop for introducing me to (SUSE) linux when I was like 11, giving me a hope in hell of using linux. I now have around 11 bootable linux disks and 1 bootable flash.

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    Congrats! I made the switch myself about a week ago (on my gaming rig; I was using Linux on my laptop for 5 years already).

    It definitely feels liberating. :)
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    @theCalcaholic Can you actually game on Linux. I've always wanted to do the swap on my desktop, but imagine the hole in my desk, if the game crashed doing ranked :D
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    @TheCaptain420 That's how I went for it: https://devrant.com/rants/1220226/...

    It's also possible to run windows games using wine, but that means configuration effort for each single game and some might not work at all.

    Many games however support Linux natively (about 40% of my steam games - that percentage might differ for other people) - these work without issue of course.
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