does anyone else write code like this

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    I use "asdf" and "iebruxbwvriy" or any other glibberish. Good thing is it's unique, better than the usual "print 'hello' everywhere"-approach
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    That font is making me want to start writing FACCCKKK.
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    People put so many swearing comments/debugging messages in my company that at a point the general manager sent an email to everyone to tell us to keep it SFW. I think a client complained.
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    Yeah, I do that in dev and my personal projects that don't go anywhere, but never in production. Far too risky that someone might see it.
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    I used too. It's just not worth it once you want meaningful data out of it.

    It's fine if you're the only one maintaining it, yet the next developer most likely will rather become annoyed than amused. Keep the jokes in comments or commit messages. And be mindful of your word choices. Humor is a delicate thing and can be perceived as offensive / inappropriate by a client or colleague. You don't want that trouble.
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    And for the love of gawd: use brackets around if statement blocks! I definitely don't code like that! 😋
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