Education courses nowadays be like,

- Website Development Course @ $49.99
- Security in website Development @ $45.99

Combo offer @ $60.99
=> Hurry up, LIMITED PERIOD OFFER!!!!!

// Like for real??? Why don't you include Security in website Dev course, it's a part of it.

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    All about $ :p lol
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    These greedy ass bastards
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    Meh. It's just called marketing.
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    Hey welcome to your CS course, you get the free package as standard, but to learn about most of this course you need the DLC bundle (Worth 10k) For the low low price of just 6k
    Or alternatively, buy them separately!
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    And 5 minutes later the shown techniques are outdated because 10000 new js frameworks grew out of nowhere in that time. :D
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    I believe that $ 49.99 for a website development course is a reasonable price. I will think about this course. I decided a long time ago that I want to connect my future profession with computer technology. In addition, this is an opportunity to avoid a large number of written assignments. There should be only practical lessons on the web development course. Of course, thanks to the paraphrasing service https://paraphrasingserviceuk.com// I could handle the written assignments, but I consider it a useless exercise that does not benefit the future profession.
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    Really interesting
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