What music do you devs listen to while coding?

I listen to Jazz, lo-fi, and other slow, melodic instrumentals with minimal/no vocals

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    I mostly listen to RetroWave when I code
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    Post rock. Eg.
    Mogwai, explosions in the sky, mono
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    It varies wildly. I listen to everything from the most brutal death metal, to ambient electronica, to jazz, and everything in between.
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    Electroswing always gets me in a productive mood.
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    - Scandroid

    - GosT

    - Dan Terminus

    - M.O.O.N.

    - Scattle

    - Carpenter Brut

    - Anachronist

    - MegaDrive

    - Kavinsky


    - Dumme Jungs

    Russian Hard Bass

    - XS Project

    - Uamee

    - DJ Blyatman

    - Gopnik Mc Blyat

    - Hard Bass School


    - Ruffiction

    - Trailerpark

    EDM / Electro

    - Savant



    - Payday the Heist / 2 OST

    - Caravan Palace
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    @R5on11c maybe you listen to them anyway, but if you like synthwave and you're not listening to Gunship, you're definitely missing out!
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    @Zaphod65 I might take a listen tomorrow.

    There are a lot of artists people should know about. Anachronist for instance with the Album RGB. But i think everyone has a special place in their heart for a certain artist.
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