So, recently new CTO joined.
And suggested to migrate our entire platform on GO from PHP.

And all dev teams will get new macs.

Its gonna take more 3-4 months so.

Kind of exicted to work on.

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    The question is: Is it motivated by anything reasonable, besides "I hate PHP"?

    It's just that I've seen and laughed at too many such undertakings in the past. It's time-consuming, bug-generating, and in the end you get a crappier platform, where you can't hire experienced devs, because very few use Go full-time for years. I have only seen 1 case that went beyond early buggy alpha, and it took more than a year to reach there.
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    Meh. Go sucks. No generics 🤷‍♀️
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    @AndSoWeCode I am not sure why?.
    Everytime I get an answer that his ex company uses it and development was much faster.

    And we dont have any Go lang resources so far. We will.be self learning and development.
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    Yes I did use golang while setting up IBM Hyperleder and so far havent understood much on it.

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    what the hell. I thought there is gonna be a plot twist but noo.. its simple exciting information
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    I just read "Migrate to PHP from Go".
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    @zokazavevu I... I don't know much about the situation, but from the looks of it, that CTO kinda sucks. Goes for the hype, with no clear judgement.

    If you care about your team and workplace, always make sure why you're doing what you're doing. Otherwise you will be dragged down together with the idiots that lead it.
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