When shows openly insult your intelligence....

Like o wow that ping commands really gonna do a lot.

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    I fuckin hate when movies/ shows do the whole computer thing but everything is so fake and innacurate, totally ruins the show for me. Its like you're not fooling anyone by spamming keys into Microsoft Excel to defuse the bomb. Or the classic blurry/low res as fuck photo that they magically "enhance" then zoom into a reflection of something then change the angle of the reflection then bounce off of something else, enhance more and perfectly Id the killer... Fuck those types of shows/movies
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    Hahahahaha. @hexc ENHANCE THAT IMAGE!

    It's like at least use hackertyper or something along those lines. Just goes to show the amount of time that went into Mr. Robot
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    What show was this from?
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    @jhh2450 cleverman
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    My sides hurt, "human id databank", "ping", that weird UI.

    What show is that?
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    @JKyll cleverman. Lol. It's great
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